Mother of the Year award (maybe not)

I caught the same bus The Mister and Coffee was on and without thinking through things, I sprang energetically in front of them to give her a scare.

To everybody else on the bus, it must have been the most bizarre thing! To have a strange woman get on the bus and all of a sudden shouting (it was just slightly loud) at a poor little baby.

That was certainly what the lady beside The Mister thought. After urgently assuring her I was in fact the mother and not a crazy lady, we tried to explain to her that we had been training Coffee not to be easily scared by odd sounds.

She seemed to be in a huff, either from me scaring her or me trying to scare a baby, and was giving me laser eyes. Coffee’s reaction to me was only to jump and then went back to observing her surroundings. There wasn’t even any warm excited reaction in seeing her Mama, hmph. And when the lady saw her chilled nonchalance, softened, and gave her a thumbs up.

And boy, was I glad Coffee did not decide to randomly get scared and cry at me. I might have gotten a hail of condemnation and scolding from the bus load of people for doing such a bizarre thing to a baby.

On another note, though I had rolled my eyes when The Mister started his “training program” for Coffee, it has strangely… been good for her. It’s been a case of nurture vs nature and while she is naturally oh so gentle like a beautiful flower, she’s being trained not to go to the direction of a wilting flower. I can’t wait to see what kind of girl she’ll blossom out to be. ❤️

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Some things never change

I do try my best to be on time 🤷🏻‍♀️

But there’s always a hundred of things to slow me down. It used to be a hundred of cars. Nowadays, it’s an achy back.

Ok, maybe just my lack of focus on getting there fast enough. But I do when it truly counts!

And yes, I’ve gone back to work though it’s a temporary one for now. I absolutely love that it’s just round the corner from where we live. Now I can’t imagine how much precious time is lost on commute especially when the time can be used to be with Coffee.

Every lunch hour The Mister, whose work allows him to work from home and be the main caregiver for now, brings her round so that I can cuddle and feed her. I really love that we’re having our cake and eat it too right now. ❤️

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Really, no

This is why both of us don’t play children’s songs at home now.

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No children’s songs please

This is the reason why I hate playing children’s songs to my kid. It goes on a loop in my head for days. I figure there will come a day when the kid will demand for the songs to be played or sang over and over again, so I’m putting it off for as long as I can now. My choice of music for her right now is instrumental!

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The center of the universe

That sense of self-importance was definitely very short-lived. The sleeping arrangements has since been rearranged. The baby is now (and has always been) the center of the universe.

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Not my hair please

If she had grabbed just one strand of hair I might have sacrificed it. But she grabbed hold of two strong, deeply rooted hair which would have hurt a lot to sacrifice. I couldn’t even put her down to gently pry it out of her hands since she was having far too much fun and just would not let go.

But some battles just must be won. Especially when it involves postpartum hair fall and irrepressible whitening of hair. Every healthy, black hair must be protected.

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So when The Mister realised Coffee was being a bit of a timid mouse, he decided to nurture the lion in her… by scaring her whenever he could. He had so much fun doing it, he extended his fun to his mother. I think it’s going to be a handful if/when we have a son 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

And yes, it did work. Coffee is no longer easily scared. She still jumps at sudden sounds but she’s more curious than afraid now.

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