Hair in the foot literally

Yes, it’s ridiculously unbelievable but a small bit of hair got into my foot’s sole (because no way it’s ingrown hair, right?!) during the weekend. The Mister had to do a fair bit of work to get it out. When he did, it hit me hard that this was why I needed to be married.

Yes, because of this tiny hair that got stuck in my sole. Because how else would I have got it out by myself without him?!

But of course I’m joking. There’s loads of other reasons why I needed to be married. A lot of them surrounding how I’m not as capable of taking care of myself as I thought 🙄 Not everyone needs to be married, that’s darn certain.

And no worries, The Mister is doing an equally, if not even better job of taking care of Baby Coffee. What do I do in the family? I am a fantastic emotional support at the very least 😬

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When I brought Coffee to the children’s play area, she was appearing cautious with the rambunctious bigger children running about. But when a toddler about 2 years old appeared, she quickly crawled after him. She must have recognised he was more her speed!

He started shouting at her (not in a mean way) and my heart filled with pride when she straightened her back to shout right back at him!

Good girl, Coffee. Baba and Mama won’t be able to protect you from all the evil in the world. But we hope to give you the support and confidence you need to find strength and courage to face up to every challenge that might come your way. Never back down, even if the challenge before you is bigger, louder and mean.

Sorry little Indian boy toddler… you weren’t mean to her. You were actually sweet to play with her. Just using you as a teaching opportunity!

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Sometimes I wonder where did the days his English was not so literate.

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Where’s the ground

I was concerned Miss Deng was feeling dizzy from the scary height The Best Friend was dangling her at 🤣

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Passive aggressive

I’m still trying to figure out if he was truly annoyed with me that day 🤔

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Who wants a baby

He wasn’t really serious. Or was he? 🤔

One day, Lil’ Miss Deng, you’ll understand. One day.

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Mama Mama

As heartwarming as it is to hear your little one call you, it can be painful when it’s at 4.30am. I was trying to be as unresponsive as her Baba, trust me. But the only thing that can effectively get her to go back to sleep is milk. And it’s during these times I really wish I had the heart to kick her out of our bed and into the second room. But I’m still not sure who would be more terrified of her sleeping all by herself, her or me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Generally I still really enjoy co-sleeping with her and especially waking up beside her. One day she’ll be all adult-ish and independent. I just want to keep her close by me for as long as she (or her Baba) will allow me.

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