Really easy Chicken Rice recipe

I never cooked until I went to university. Even then, I didn’t really cook. I only really started learning to cook when I moved to London in 2008 at the grand age of 24. Especially since IPC, the church I was with there, had a lovely culture of cooking meals for one another. I wanted to show off Malaysian food to them so it spurred me to learn to cook. Thankfully they had little to no benchmark to compare it to, so my cooking… sufficed.

It’s always easy to eat out in Asia. So I’ve really not had much motivation to cook since post-London days. But being married now and hoping to have little ones at some point of time, there’s a huge motivation to learn to cook better and faster. I’m notoriously quite slow. Mister Deng can cook five dishes in the time I take to cook one dish.

I found a recipe for chicken rice in Facebook and tried it some weeks back. It is actually very easy! Mister Deng felt there was room for improvement though. The chicken wasn’t tender enough and he felt I should learn to cook the chilli sauce from scratch. Good chicken rice can be determined by its chilli sauce.

I was nevertheless quite happy with my first attempt at it.

I was so hungry by the time I cooked it, I was stabbing the chicken to put it on the plate as quickly as I could.


And if for some reason you can’t access Facebook to see the video that provides the recipe, this was my shorthand notes of what it is:

  1. Mix sliced ginger, stock, soy sauce, vegetable oil, salt with rice in the water.
  2. Put chicken thigh over the rice, put spring onion stalk over thigh. Cover and let rice cook for 12 min on low fire.
  3. Steam for 10min.
  4. Remove chicken, stir rice.

For sauce: 3 types

  1. Oyster sauce + Soy sauce + honey – this is to be served over steamed chicken and rice
  2. Sweet chilli sauce + lemon + fish sauce
  3. Sesame oil + Sugar + diced ginger + diced spring onion

The last two are condiments to go with the meal. The video doesn’t give exact measurements of the ingredients, which was my style. I get nervous about measurements and spend too much time labouring over it. I tend to just wing it (and yes there’s hits and misses but what the hey).

I recommend using a clay pot if you have one!

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