This was a sketch inspired by Sis J back in 2014, who described the impression she had while praying over me. It was what inspired me to begin drawing!

It encouraged me to delight as one might before a beautifully decorated Christmas tree – in all the different experience, the different lessons, memories, painful and sweet, because each of it was being used by God (Christ, thus the Christmas tree!) to deepen beauty in my life.

I had only begun drawing then and wasn’t confident of my artistic abilities but was surprised when this picture was done. It made me feel the vision and the drawing were both divinely inspired to encourage me in a very special way.

I’ve been reflecting and doing a lot of soul-searching these few weeks. And I’m very grateful for the many conversations that have all given me so much encouragement and affirmation. I’ve actually come to realize I’ve quite a fragile and delicate self-esteem, easily shaken by discouragements. Words of encouragement likewise has a powerful effect to lift me up! So I’m feeling grateful and determined as I am in a crossroad of sorts in this season of my life. This picture reminds me a lot of a previous season of transition that ended in a very, very good place in life so I’m reminded of the wonderful hope one can have in life.

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