A love bank of sorts

People say I’m a Type A personality though I sometimes wonder how much comes from the conditioning of my circumstances. Nevertheless, my thoughts often become ambitious whenever I do anything. I am always thinking of how I can make things bigger and better. My cartoon drawing is no exemption!

The Husband has to often remind me that I’m not doing it for likes or for people. He has to remind me to do it for myself and for our future family. We would like it to become a sort of “love bank.” Some years back I read somewhere of a lady who kept a journal. But in that journal she only wrote of good memories. There were plenty of bad memories but by recording only the good, she would in later years only remember the sweetness of life. This is the kind of thing we want to withdraw from the “love bank.” That in times of challenges or discouragement, we could withdraw memories of joy for strength from these drawings.

I am very encouraged by the self-issued challenge of this artist, who decided to draw a sketch every day. I’m not that ambitious, I’ve decided to challenge myself to draw a cartoon every Monday-Friday. When I had said before it was quick doodles, it really isn’t quick doodles. I said it was quick to create an excuse for what I thought were poor drawings! It takes me hours to make even one of those poor drawings!!

It’s getting tougher in my second week of drawing. I need to think harder for ideas and concepts to draw. I need to think through the balance of what should remain confidential, what can be laughed at and what should be laughed at. I want to draw more complicated stuff but am frustrated by my lack of technique to draw them. The Husband is the Main Editor of my drawings and every drawing actually needs to get pass his approval before I can publish it! And he has rejected some completed drawings!

But it’s fun. It’s stretching my skills, my thinking and my attitude in a new way because this is literally a venture into unexplored grounds.

To future offsprings who may one day get to explore this early beginnings, may you discover something precious to enjoy and give thanks to the Lord for.

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1 Response to A love bank of sorts

  1. hugo costa says:

    Thanks!! Good luck for your challenge!


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