Weird foods

Was out grocery shopping because The Husband says I’ve been cooped up at home for too long. There’s loads of things to do at home! Like drawing, learning Mandarin, learning the guitar, relaxing… But grocery shopping was pretty important too.

So we headed out to the local grocers and it was amusing to see some strange food and its packaging. I would decline trying this snail sausage for example. Not very appetising.

But the one that took the cake was this mahjong fish cake. Unintended pun. You know this was made by (ethnic) Chinese for (ethnic) Chinese.

I wonder if the shape and designs would stay in place after it cooks. I was actually tempted to buy this! But Mister Deng didn’t look very impressed (he was firmly raised in the Christian faith since birth so he’s a lot less tolerant than I am of certain vices) so we moved on.

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