Public Display of Affection

Being in Singapore which has a strong mix of Asian and Western culture, there’s enough PDA going around but at the same time there’s also a shared consciousness of decorum. I am more Western-oriented than Mister Deng, so I tend to be more vocal, visual and more prone to challenging norms than he is. Or disrespectful, depends on how you want to look at it. He’s all about respecting people. That drives a lot of his actions. And he’s also a wee shy when it comes to PDA. Just a wee. It appears I am bold with PDA only when there’s no one I personally know around me. When there is someone familiar around, I am all proper and well behaved. 

I’ve to say, I’m encouraged to maintain some lovey-doveyness in the relationship because of my church elder Uncle Wong, who I’ve only always see him flirt all the time with his wife. And how his wife glows from his flirting and tells me how being past their sixties he still calls her, “Gorgeous.” The other person who inspired me is my first big corporation CFO, who took me out for lunch when I was still a raw rookie and spent time telling me how he calls his wife only with sweet names because he believes it’s the right habit for lasting relationships.

Thinking about these men who tried to be good models in life, among the many other people God has blessed me with, makes me feel grateful. Grateful that there are abundant of signposts along my journey of life to direct me in sincere living, with godly and upright convictions and all the needed support to make my life, and hopefully my children’s, count. If I can look and see them, heed and make the right effort to appropriate them, it is sufficient to rejoice that I’ve lived well. 

And my sincere hope for my marriage with Mister Deng, which has been nothing short of divinely arranged, is that it will be a faithful witness for a long time to come. That it will be a reflection of the marriage between Christ and His Bride, the Church, of which marriage has been enacted to be a physical symbolism of as declared in Ephesians 5:20-30.

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One Response to Public Display of Affection

  1. leokoo says:

    🙂 good one Ee Wei!


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