No more a housewife (for now)


I haven’t been able to draw much because my housewife life officially ended this week! I’m glad because staying at home was not very good for my mental health. Loss of routine, loss of connection with general humankind, loss of general get-go mojo. I often enough have to ask Mister Deng what day it is because everyday was Saturday to me.

I loved the downtime! And I loved the absence of intense stress seminary had given! And I loved that Mister Deng and I had a good chunk of time spent together because of his term holidays too. I felt that it was a blessing to have the time to spend together since we had the intensity of studies right after we got married in January. Being in a cross-cultural marriage, we don’t want to underestimate the challenges that will come with it in the years ahead and the last two months has been a good time to solidify our foundation-building process.

But now Mister Deng has started a new term of intense academic studies and I’m grateful for a new season of work. I’ve been surprised how happy I am with it that even returning to rough commutes feels good! I just hope commutes can be more often smooth than not!


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