Balance of life

Some months back when I was talking to friends about being a full-time blogger, a friend unexpectedly responded back, “That is hard work.

That’s because the work you put in behind the scenes to get great content for one blog entry can actually take days. And you’ve to continually get your creative juices going to make each blog entry interesting. Unless your life is naturally full of aesthetically inclined activities and surroundings that’s blog-able.

My life is unfortunately filled with more pragmatism than aesthetics at the moment and though I honestly enjoy drawing, my life has had a series of things going that has kept me busy and occupied from updating this blog. Work is a part of it. Nothing interesting there unless you want to know how to work with Singapore’s rules and regulations.

But now that the initial force of disruption is settling its ruffles, I’m hoping to re-balance life. Get back some mojo groove (you can’t go to a seminary and not feel a little cautious about being as politically correct as you can be) in life.

I’m hopeful!

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