Still busy, still tired, but getting there

I’m told I often say I’m very busy, which in recent months is not very true. There have been times I’ve been so bored with nothing to do, I end up reading more books than ever before!

But I very often say I’m tired and this is very much true! Although The Husband has often tried to convince me to psychological erase such thinking as he believes it helps to brainwash oneself to believe you are strong and energetic. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes, with things the way they are for me right now, fatigue is something I’m embracing!

We managed to squeeze in a trip to Shanghai for a friend’s wedding and boy, were we glad we did so! It was nice to see some old faces even though the way weddings are, you never have enough time to really catch up with people, which is a shame. And though it would have been nice to meet up with more friends, it was a lightning trip of two days. What time we had outside the wedding, we spent with family.



And family made it worthwhile! It was a slightly painful journey, especially the flight back to SG, but we were really glad to had that time in Shanghai. Firstly, The Husband’s parents are really good at cooking and we were really well fed. And I realised, in the last few trips to China to visit family, it had been a bit awkward as we still hadn’t gotten to know each other well enough and I would always just sit silently as everyone else chattered around me because my Chinese isn’t fantastic. But with each visit, I am starting to catch the in-laws’ accent and humour, and our shyness is easing so we more comfortable with one another. And my Chinese is improving so I can actually understand a lot more and speak up a little!

When we landed back in SG, I think we were both a little down, especially when The Husband turned to ask me what I would like to eat. Bleh. The mention of food court was enough to make me feel sick. We were craving for his parents’ cooking.

It’s still nice to be back in our own place and the momentum of SG life is swinging back in. The short trip to China has nevertheless refreshed me a little and reminded me that how well our living is can be up to how much effort we put in. The last few months, I’ve been battling to keep afloat circumstances and life was more about existing, than living.

It has taken some effort already to stir and rouse myself to get back into a vibrancy of life I had before the last few months. I think it will take even more effort to get myself off the new platform of life I’m standing on now post-Masters life and flourish at greater heights. But with the grace from God, I’m sure we’ll get there!


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