Obedience, Wife!

I sometimes get questioned by girlfriends, when they hear me describe some of The Mister’s more “chauvinistic” side, as to how I let him get away with some of the things he says and does. Like how he nags and bosses me around quite often! They can’t believe I allow him to do that especially when I’m easily one of the most strong-headed female around. 

The problem is, he’s almost always right in whatever he says. He just gets tired of me questioning him at every turn and having to explain all the minute details behind his reasoning. That’s when he barks the succinct, “Obedience!” When I’m going on too much with my grumbling.

Occasionally, when I give in too easily or too meekly, I feel like I’m betraying some kind of women’s code or something. Like I’m betraying the sisterhood and unraveling the work of other women who’ve had to fight and assert themselves against unfair male chauvinism over womankind. Breaking down where I think such feelings and thoughts originates from could take up pages, so I won’t go down that road.

So I’ve to admit, there are times I assert myself with The Mister only out of habit rather than for any good reasons. As time passes egos are tampered with, as marriage can sometimes do, and I’m getting used to following The Mister’s lead. It is a blessing he is a capable leader though the other hand that claps is a capable enabler. 

We both feel we’ve been a good match to one another and that has been nothing short of God’s work in bringing us together. Like he’s the paracetamol to my raging headache or he’s the cone to my ice cream or the shoes to my socks. 

It is a blessing we do not take for granted!

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