Watercolor fascination

Recent months I’ve been fascinated with watercolor artworks and was filled with wistful jealousy of such artistic talents. My love for art started with John Constable’s oil paintings at the Victoria and Albert’s Museum in London when I was 20. And I only started attempting to paint (apart from the compulsory art classes in school) when I was 28, when I was back in London as a working adult. I was starting a new life, had free time and art supplies in London was easily found and considerably cheap compared to Malaysia where the demand is not as established.

I started with acrylic painting and the only worthwhile piece I produced in my time in London is hanging in my parent’s home in KL! I didn’t actually paint all that much 🙄 And that’s because mentally I just wasn’t there yet. A few attempts produced ghastly paintings and I gave up easily because it was to me then, affirmations of my lack of artistic talents. 

I was also convinced then that art needed to receive a deep, mysterious and moving inspiration before it could be created. So I waited for it to hit me. The years passed and the inspirations never came. Until the relocation to Shanghai took place and the loneliness of a new space of life and the advent of good drawing apps arrived. The cost of drawing was even cheaper and it was easier to explore different art tools to find my most comfortable tool of expression. The erase tool made it easy for me to focus on creating than on my failure to create, removing my easily frustrated nature!

The exposure, experience, knowledge the years brought helped me mature in my mental processes and I was slowly realizing art isn’t about talent as much as it is about discipline, focus and perseverance. It involves some talent, but talent can come in many shapes and hues and I don’t have to be an accomplished oil painter to be considered artistic.

Inspiration helps for sure. But I’ve learnt not to just wait for inspiration to hit me but to look for inspiration wherever it may be found to supplement the waiting. 

Back to watercolor artworks. I always disliked it when we had to use it for the compulsory art classes in school because it was so hard to control and my artworks always ended up a dismal mess. But the talents out there have convinced me what a fantastic mode of art it can be. And since life now can’t accommodate the cost and space of creating artworks on actual canvasses, I’m quite happy using my drawing app to explore, practice and save my attempts electronically! 

This is my empty (decaf) coffee cup while I accompany The Mister while he studies. 

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