Anniversary celebration 

We recently had a wonderful time in Ipoh with family. A trip I wanted to make for awhile and finally the right timing and occasion came. The Mister and I were both glad to have made the trip even if the journey back to Singapore wore on us a bit more than we expected. 

We arrived home on 31 December and by 10.30pm I was snuggled in my bed and falling asleep. I felt so glad to be married and officially had no more reasons to be out celebrating NYE! Just because when I was single, there was always a little worry at the back of my head about being too introvert, staying at home too much and not grabbing the social chance NYE celebrations brought to meet a potential man. With that burden away, it felt nice to fully embrace sleep so early in the night. 

So New Year’s Day was ushered in with quiet rest. But no less significant as the days leading up to it has been deep and rich. 

And on January 2, The Mister and I celebrated reaching our one year mark together with a quiet and lazy day followed by a quiet dinner. It wasn’t planned but turns out being married early in the year actually feels great, because we can ride on the high of the New Year celebrations with the freshness of a new hope and new chapter. 

2016 was good. 2017 promises to be even better! What a joy, knowing God holds our tomorrows and we can rest secure in our Creator’s love. 

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