Flower illustrations 

I did a year of internship in Queenstown Baptist Church between 2015-2016, ironically, with the Chinese congregation, when my Chinese language level was at the kindergarten level (or worse). It worked out fine because I ended up working with toddlers at pre-kindy level! But it was tough to follow the Sunday services in Mandarin. I ended up drifting most of the time, unable to connect with people, the worship or the sermon. It ended up being an important experience to begin getting accustomed to the Chinese congregation though, since I’ll inevitably get involved with them because of my Chinese husband. 

Interestingly, the Lord gave me something to handle my restlessness during the Sunday services… with amazing flower arrangements a sister diligently worked on for every service, every week. Her flower arrangements were a form of worship for her and it really moved me week after week. Being in The Mister’s church now where there are flower arrangements that just are, I really miss the sister Ai Hua’s work. Sometimes I feel like going back to QBC just to see her flowers! 

I remember feeling down that particular Sunday and when I saw her flowers, I felt it releasing a sense of healing to my heart. That was when I decided to draw her flowers, which helped stabilise my restlessness and helped me to concentrate on listening to the sermons preached in Chinese. 

It was not easy to draw her unique arrangements week after week though. 

It was hard to capture every detail I wanted in the limited service time. I would spend significant time on some details and then run out of time for other details.

The flowers were always the toughest detail to catch. 

Then I started to get used to a strategy… focusing on the overall feel without trying to let the finer details trip me up too quickly. 

Only when I had the overall feel and when I had time, I would catch some details as much as possible during the service time. 

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