No gossip here

So something happened in our neighbourhood today that saw the police cordon off the area just below our apartment. We don’t have the keys to the windows so we couldn’t open them to stick our heads out in an angle to see what was actually happening below us. We could only see police looking at a specific direction and speaking quietly to themselves.

After making some meaningless speculations, The Mister and I wondered if we should go down to be a couple of busybodies. But we hesitated because we didn’t want to see anything… unsightly.

This only pertains to me and not The Mister, but I felt it might be a bit pantang (superstitious) to see a body just before Chinese New Year too. As Christians influenced by Western worldviews, we resist the urge of giving any credence to superstitions. But as an Asian where the incorporeal existence is not questioned, prudence suggested curiosity didn’t need satisfying here. But more than anything, I felt I needed to resist the urge of that feeling of being a busybody housewife looking for something to gossip about 😭

If it was a suicide it would be too grim a thing to see or know. If it was some large inanimate object thrown from above, it would exacerbate our existing frustration with inconsiderate neighbours constantly throwing rubbish out of the windows.

So we went back doing our thing.

The Mister went to take a jog and came back 5 minutes later to warn me not to go downstairs. He didn’t see a body but he did see blood. Dear oh dear.

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