Picnic at Sentosa

I am a homebody, where I can be easily happy staying at home for days! There’s always something to find to occupy my time – watching dramas, movies, cleaning, reading, learning, napping etc.

The Mister is less so like that, preferring to go out to experience and enjoy moments that can so easily slip by. But since he has a wife that gets easily tired and is somewhat stubborn, he has had to spend more time at home than he’d like.

He has been suggesting to go to Sentosa Island for some time now to have a picnic, which he really enjoys doing, but it’s something I really haven’t come to appreciate. I would love to go for picnics in London, where sunny blue sky days are gorgeous, the air cool and crisp and the grass beautifully soft and devoid of ants and other bugs attacking you. But in Singapore… it’s hot and humid, which makes you feel like you’re in an oven along with your picnic food or it has recently rained and the ground is wet and muddy. And the bugs… oh the bugs. I just never ever feel the appeal of having a picnic in South East Asia.

But I oftentimes have to remind myself, “it’s not just about me“. What’s not important to me can be important to someone else and I’ve to be very conscious to make the effort not to dismiss another person’s opinion, likes and dislikes and ways of doing things. Being dismissive about someone else and upholding my own opinions and ways can be a very self-centred and selfish mindset and just very 讨厌. I like this Chinese word, 讨厌, very much. It feels like a very flexible word to just in a light, joking manner but can deliver the right emotions of the attribute of nastiness and repulsiveness. See me become more Chinese in my thoughts!

On Saturday, an anomaly took place, I was up early and feeling strangely energetic. So energetic, I thought to myself I was even willing to go to Sentosa Island to do a picnic! I rushed The Mister a little to quickly head out to Sentosa before I started having double thoughts about it.


We found a spot under some trees to have our packed burgers, french fries and onion rings for our picnic. Our backs were facing the sea lined with freight ships (should have taken pictures of that). I didn’t even think of arranging anything to make it a prettier picture because we were too hungry to tuck into our lunch. It was the perfect weather – cloudy and not too sunny with lots of wind blowing because it would pour with rain in a few hours time!


After we ate, all we did was lie down and laze. I would have done the same thing at home, but I must admit it was more refreshing with the winds blowing and the sound of waves. But we soon moved on because apparently we were lying smack on ant territory. I was feeling sufficiently drowsy to not even care about ants crawling over me since they weren’t biting, but The Mister didn’t like it, so we had to move on.

Would I do it again? In a four season, out of the South East Asian tropical climate country, yes. Or when the kids come along and it makes for a nice family outing, yes.

I have to also admit, it’s actually nice to be stretched and pulled out of my comfort zone somewhat. It was good to let my perspectives be challenged and pulled so that I don’t get too fixed into sets of bad habits. I kind of feel a lot better and productive as a person just for doing something out of my comfort zone like that!

2017 feels like it will really be a good year!

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