When irritation comes knocking

Sometimes (though I actually think it’s very often) The Mister throws me random things out of nowhere with little to no context to the randomness. Spell this. What’s that. Why that. And on Sunday, it was who’s this? Irritation level was high, it was not a moment I was inclined towards patient coddling.

By the time we sorted out Aileen Vilson, he gave me a look that could have been him asking, “Why is she so testy?”

To me, it was his condescending that-was-such-a-simple-question-she-took-so-long-to-answer-it-look.

I managed to quell so much spikes of irritated rage in that 10 minutes, I felt proud I managed not to snap at him. 

This is another one of my New Year’s resolution (I just decided). It’s to keep a handle on my temper and don’t let my emotions lash out at The Mister. He did say I’ve improved significantly from when we first got married. But I’m hoping that one day the memories of hurtful tongue-lashing habits at The Mister will be a distant memory, replaced with a legacy of even-tempered, gentle and measured countenance we can both give thanks for. Hopefully, he’ll get better at not aggravating me too. 😁

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2 Responses to When irritation comes knocking

  1. addie north says:

    I’ve definitely had moments like that! It’s amazing how just the tone of someone’s voice can change a perfectly normal question into something infuriating! It’s sweet that you and your husband are working to be kinder and more understanding to each other–I should work on that too!


    • Missus Deng says:

      haha yes. We’ve only been married over a year and I imagine there will be even more things to get irritated over as time passes. So I’m trying to be conscious to build more patient mindset and habits with things that normally irks me now… in case it gets harder to do that when we get too familiar with one another and allow that to breed contempt! He does a better job at being patient than me that’s for sure! 🙂


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