Chinese New Year 2017

Due to a number of factors that included limited holidays and a big distance to cover to get to my grandmother’s place up north in Malaysia, The Mister and I spent a second CNY in Singapore.  

I was worried we might have nothing to do for this CNY celebrations but we’ve been here and there and having massive meals! It’s been anything but quiet and sedate! 

Last year we didn’t do much and it was strange for me then to see people in CNY dressing (usually bright coloured dressing), visiting one another. In Malaysia we visit one another but it’s not as publically seen as it is in Singapore, as families here tend to travel more with public transportation, while everyone drives in Malaysia. 

This year I warmed up to seeing so many people out and about visiting family and friends to 百年 (greet the new year). It felt like the usual busy and cold Singapore lifestyle had a pause button pressed and everyone focused on renewing family and friendship ties. Public transportation was almost as busy as it usually is but instead of feeling irate with the crowd, there was a fuzzy feeling of happiness that everyone was about trying to get to loved ones. 

We’ve had an intimate time of celebration with just close friends at our place, we’ve been to larger celebrations at  church and other people’s places and we managed to spend time with my cousin and her family. It has surprisingly been a lot more fun and meaningful than I expected CNY to be!

2017 is starting off good!

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