Not the biggest secret but…

When we first confirmed the news, we were SO excited! I felt like telling everyone I knew AND strangers (which I did occasionally)! I always wondered even as a teenager what it felt like having something in you grow and I was finally getting to experience it!

But other than those who needed to know, we kept the news to ourselves as much as possible. We weren’t being superstitious. Some Singaporeans hold to the belief if you told people you were pregnant in the first three months, it could jinx it and lead to a miscarriage. A large part of us keeping the news to ourselves was because we both don’t think it’s necessary to be that public about our lives. We both are connected to a large and extended community across different countries and while we love them, in the event there was a miscarriage, we didn’t want to revisit any pain by explaining to lots of people about it (should we have announced publicly and too early about the pregnancy). 

After awhile of keeping quiet about it, we got used to the pregnancy and didn’t think about it anymore and just kind of forgot about telling people about it. If you’re someone who felt like you should have been told much earlier, we apologize! As always, there was always something to occupy our minds and kept us busy.

I’m huge now, being 31 weeks pregnant! 

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