This year’s Valentine’s Day

This year is the second Valentine’s Day The Mister and I have been able to share together. We got attached in March 2015 and last year we had gotten married in January. We probably felt too tired with the wedding come February and were scrambling to get our seminary studies underway (we can’t quite remember). So this year is the first time we could think of celebrating V Day together properly.

Besides buying me my favourite gerbera flowers for Valentine’s, The Mister set aside the day to be there with me. We had a doctor’s appointment in the morning to check up on Baby Deng and everyone’s pleased with her progress.

(Yes, we progressed our relationship -> marriage -> baby quite quickly! It happens!)

We had a good lunch together and went home to rest because I had the most awful sleep the night before and was really feeling exhausted. Then we headed out for dinner before spending time strolling around our local mall. It was a sweet Valentine’s because unlike normal days when we might off and on focus on our own thing, the day was set aside to just enjoy each other.

The next day, he was working from home and all I wanted was to be A. L. O. N. E.

Even being spoken to when I was in the mood to be alone made me seethe. When he finally needed to be out of the house I was celebrating inside. I did for the record warmly welcome him home afterwards. All was well in the following days as well.

I blame it on the pregnancy hormones.

The Mister asked what was my most memorable Valentine’s Day. The honest answer is that I’ve never ever had a chance to celebrate it until he came along!

But the most memorable Valentine’s Day was in 2006 (or was it 2007?), when I was working in Kuala Lumpur. I happened to be in a different state for a client visit with a few other colleagues and we arrived back in KL after 7pm on Valentine’s Day. I was dropped off at the office to wrap up some paper work and found I had received a large bouquet of flowers! It was completely unexpected!

I held the bouquet in my arms, strolled into the office with them and then found the two other girls in my team had received flowers the same day as well. My boss beamed with pride and said, “Hey, not bad ah, my girls! They all received flowers today!”

While the flowers and the chap who sent it didn’t send my heart skyrocketing, I was sure as anything RELIEVED and GRATEFUL for receiving flowers that one Valentine’s Day! My pride was saved that day with those flowers (it so happened that the chap’s mother was a florist, so he could afford to send a seriously big and beautiful bouquet!), so I’ll never forget that day.

But just to prove my favourite flowers and favourite Valentine’s Day is this year with The Mister, I decided to digitally paint the flowers he bought for me:


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