A revolutionist in my womb

At 34 weeks, Baby Deng is heavy! And active!

There are times it feels like she’s busy doing calisthenics in my womb and her strong movements leaves me winded. Her father likes to say she’s “leading a revolution” from inside.

My mom said I wasn’t a very active baby when she was pregnant with me. I’m still not very active, if you were to compare me with my siblings! They’re always out and about, always engaged with some form of exercise. Me, I’m content with the comforts of home and being average on the physical side.

That being said, there have been times during my pregnancy I’ve felt the itch to run (though I admit it’s not very often). But I am still looking forward to run more regularly after life settles with Baby Deng’s arrival. It’s supposed to be part of our grand plan to prepare for a second and maybe a third child as well. We want more kids but it means upping my strength and stamina for the long run.

But back to Baby Deng. I’m hoping her activeness means she’s going to take after The Mister in her character. It would be nice to have a mini-him.


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