Judgement on the MRT


This happened sometime between the first and second trimester in the Singapore subway when it was not obvious I was pregnant. Irregardless of whether I am pregnant or not, it irks me to no end when I see a young man playing with a mobile device, seated on the priority seats on the subway. There are many reasons why it irks me but the main one is the obvious inconsideration they have for people around them who could have a greater need for the seats as they allow their awareness of their environment to be disconnected by their entertainment.

There are some young men who sit on the priority seats and do play with their devices but look up every so often to keep a check on their surroundings. And when they see someone who have a greater need, give up their seats. I can respect that. But as I was on “judgemental mode”, I was watching this particular young man like a hawk and noticed he never once bothered to look up.

When I became more obviously pregnant, it was easier to get seats without any fuss.

A friend shared how in her third trimester, heavily pregnant, someone had gotten up from the priority seat and she moved aside to let the person pass. As she was distracted for a second, a kid of 12 years old quickly grabbed the emptied seat and proceeded to play with his mobile device. She wasn’t having it and demanded loudly that he get out of the seat, to which he blinked a few times before he grudgingly got up. She vowed she would teach her own boys manners and not ever grow up with such spoilt, entitled mentality that kids seem to have these days.

I know my kid(s) won’t have it easy with me too! All I hope for now is that they go easy on me when they enter into this world!

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