The Arrival of Miss Deng Part 2

I wanted to capture the details of Miss Deng’s arrival and the reflections and emotions of it all. But after writing and rewriting it several times, with plenty of interruptions to my flow of thoughts from a demanding baby, I give up. 

I’ll just keep it short and simple. After 24 hours of contraction, Miss Deng arrived under two hours of labour. Everything was over before I could agonise over the pain. 

Apparently it’s an impressive feat. Naturally delivering a first kid under two hours. A nasty episiotomy helped. My impressive feat earned the praise from the nurses that night for being the second most brave Mommy. This was overheard by The Mister but he didn’t manage to find out why I was second best or what made the bravest Mommy top their charts. 💁🏻 

Miss Deng has been with us now for a month and a real joy. But it hasn’t got easier yet, this round the clock feeding. 🙅🏻 Hoping for a change in tide soon. 

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