My Superman 

The one advice every parent repeated to us before Miss Deng arrived was to sleep as much as possible. And I did listen to them! I had my fill of daily 10 hour sleep, which I miss. 

Some nights back, despite having Miss Deng presumably feeding at my boobs for two hours, she got up less than an hour after, at 11.30pm, screaming inconsolably. Neither of us could coax her to calm down nor did she want any more milk. I was feeling fatigued and the frustration of not knowing what to do was building up.

Then The Mister took Miss Deng from me, firmly told me to go to sleep while he handled her.

That moment.




I obliged and apparently was snoring a bit too quickly for his liking. 

While I love The Mister madly, there are a few specific moments in our relationship where I feel love for him hitting me hard. Moments like when I realized how he had painfully planned our honeymoon in Japan at great cost to himself. Like when I had left a trail of puke to the toilet in my first trimester and he made me go and rest while he cleaned it up. That night when he took our screaming baby into his arms and told me to sleep was another one of those moments that made me feel I married the most incredible man ever.

I’ve come to realize what a blessing The Mister is to me as there are many mothers who lack proper support from their husbands, which I cannot think of anything worse to bear as a first time mother. The Mister simply being present even though unable to bear the burdens only I can bear (i.e. breastfeeding) really makes a difference to my heart and mind. 

This blessing was well worth waiting and trusting the Lord in. ❤️

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