Contented in the Lord

The Mister often says I should be thankful for having a really easy pregnancy and delivery. I also believe an easy baby to care for.

Though I felt rough during the first trimester morning sickness, it was relatively mild compared to many people I know. I only vomited a few times. Some folks vomit so violently blood comes up and they even get admitted to the hospital.

I had to bear with 24 hours of contraction but in terms of pain level, it was at the level of 1-2 out of 10. And when I went into labour, it only took 2 hours for Miss Deng to pop out. Compare that to say 16 hours of labour as some go through, that’s freaking awesome! I can’t imagine going through a long labour!

And now while there’s fatigue and exhaustion from night feedings, the support I’ve had from Mom, Mom-in-law and The Mister has really eased me into parenthood. When I read of other mothers’ struggles (in Facebook groups) having to cope all by themselves with little to no support, I really feel for them. I can’t think of anything worse to struggle with.

Miss Deng has also been easy enough besides the given fussiness babies will have. She’s only always either hungry, sleepy or wanting her diapers changed. The fact there’s nothing beyond that makes me grateful.

The love and support we’ve received from friends around us has also been overwhelming. We’ve actually not needed to buy anything for the baby as everything we’ve ever needed was provided for at the right time. It doesn’t cease to amaze me how God provides at exactly when we needed certain things. Miss Deng needed to be hospitalized for jaundice and the monetary love gifts from friends a few days back covered the bill exactly. A bassinet arrived when we realized Miss Deng needed to sleep outside our bedroom during the day to catch some sunlight for her jaundice (the bedroom was not the most ideal for that).

I hadn’t got around to buying breast pumps but it was given by another friend days before I needed to use it when Miss Deng was hospitalized. I would have broken down during that emotionally trying time if I needed to head out to buy the breast pumps myself. I am still so grateful to the Lord for taking care of all the details. There were so many other timely gifts and meaningful demonstrations of love, like how YT went out to buy durians for my mother-in-law so we didn’t need to take time out from taking care of the baby at home.

The Mother-in-Law also commented to Mister Deng at how loved I was, when we were brought out for lunch by The Pastor’s family. They bought us our last to-buy item, a stroller. They even graciously told us to look around the store to buy anything else we needed. But we genuinely had everything we needed.

I had forgotten about this but now as I’m writing this post I am suddenly reminded of it. When I was pregnant, I confess I had been a bit down as I thought I was going to be too alone in my new journey as a mother. I had moved to several countries over the last 10 years and I grumbled in my heart to the Lord that doing so had stripped me of a strong base of friendships I could have built if I had stayed put in one country. And with family in different countries, I felt just too alone. I was actually feeling very sorry for myself and shed a few tears over it (I blame the pregnancy hormones).

I am humbled by the amount of love poured in by people from every direction to the point that I hope they aren’t offended if I don’t seem like I’m reciprocating to their friendship. It is as if the voice of the Lord now whispers to me to see and remember how He never asks for a sacrifice from us that is too much to bear. Or to give up anything to Him that He cannot recompense back to an even greater level. I had grumbled in my heart to the Lord about obeying Him in making all the international moves that cost me friendships but I resolved it without any expectations over Him since I knew I was just being over-emotional. I have lost out in some areas but I know I’ve gained far more in other ways in all the experiences He led me through. The extent of love and support I received since Miss Deng arrived surprised me and I know it is only made possible because the Lord heard my grumbles and worked in my surroundings to provide what my heart desired.

It encourages and reaffirms again that my God is not an abstract concept, but One who is powerfully alive and mighty amidst us, amidst my family. And that He is not impatient with my nervousness about the future but gently reminds me each time that He is able and will take care of our future, every detail of it.

And so I continue to be content.


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