Dangerous lullabies

Yes, lullabies can be dangerous. Especially when they knock me out to sleep instead of Coffee. That’s Miss Deng’s nickname by the way, in case I forgot to mention it before. It’s a homonym of her Chinese name. 

Rest assured even while I was asleep I had a firm grip over Coffee. But just in case of accidents, I’ve avoided playing lullabies while feeding her when I’m especially tired and prefer to sing to her now (when I’m not playing with my phone) to keep me alert and going. 

Now that she’s nearing two months old, the fatigue and exhaustion is easing off as we get used to this new rhythm of life with a baby. We managed to figure a few ways to manage our rest and we thank God Coffee is proving to be an easy enough kid too.

Today is actually the first day I haven’t needed to take a nap in the day and I took the opportunity to rush to finish this drawing while I had the energy and time! I’m hoping this (the energy) will be an upward trend though I hear teething can cause new bouts of sleepless nights. It’s also a possibility I will suffer tomorrow for not resting more when I can today but I like to live dangerously like that. Except for lullabies. Way too dangerous, that one.

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