Pooing wild and free

We were out at Botanical Gardens enjoying nature. It was Coffee’s first time to see so much trees surrounding her too. She was so fascinated, she stayed awake for 5 whole minutes before falling asleep. 

When she woke up from her nap she made a big poo IN her diapers. And while English is my first language I do get lapses with my sentences and grammar. I meant to ask her how she enjoyed her first poo in the beautiful lush park. I don’t even know if “how did you like pooing in the nature” is the best sentence to come up with.

“How did you like pooing in the natural?”

“How did you like pooing amongst nature?”


Anyway, the suspicious look the park employee gave told me he half believed I would release my baby from her diaper to run wild and poo indiscriminately in the park. He kept his eye on us for the next 50m he walked.

If you happen to read this sir, no. I wouldn’t like my baby to poo in the nature.

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