Mommy fashion

Breastfeeding (and a bloated postpartum body) has limited my public fashion sense these days. It needs to be easy to feed Miss Deng and it needs to avoid making me feel self-conscious about my body. So this outfit happens to be the ONLY outfit that fits the bill and it’s all I want to wear (except on the days when I think ironing the outer layer shirt is too troublesome). 

So I tried to “mix it up” a bit on a day I was rushing by not buttoning it! Hoo haah! Revolutionary wasn’t it? 😒 It was a good thing The Mister shut it down quickly enough. 

His profession has moulded him to be more conscientious about carrying oneself properly before other people but he’s still working hard to help me step into my role as a pastor’s wife. On most days, I do feel I’m closer to being a gangster than being the stereotypical pastor’s wife. The former is so much easier, being the passive aggressive rebel that I am, than being the latter. Thankfully all I have to deal with, for now, in this new identity is the way I dress because he’s a Chinese pastor and my grasp of the Chinese language isn’t fantastic. I can conveniently side step engaging with people’s expectations over a pastor’s wife, for now. 

I’m thankful all I need to do, for now, is to dress according to what he thinks is proper! Being a Mommy and breastfeeding makes it really easy for me to do this too since there’s no reason at all for me to dress up and look hot (hotter than I already am in The Mister’s eyes anyway 😄). 

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