Breastfeeding journey

Before I got pregnant I never consciously thought of breastfeeding and what it entailed. I had a vague idea about how great it was but was told that it could be more painful than childbirth itself (not true)! I knew I was going to breastfeed fully even though I didn’t know much about it for two big reasons:

  1. God created breastfeeding and His “products” are always the best. It was for the same reason I avoided C-section, taking epidural and opted for natural. I did get slapped with gas though I had said no earlier and I was glad they did! It was the least intrusive and I’m no snob… I really needed the help, especially with the episiotomy!
  2. The best health benefits and FREE? Somebody said FREE?! That sealed it for me to be honest. Oh wait. It reminds me, I avoided C-section and taking epidural because they cost a lot more and I said no to gas because I wasn’t sure if they were going to charge me for it. But didn’t complain about them ignoring my refusal to take gas because they didn’t charge me for it! Can you see a pattern here? But it’s still true I did want to avoid them because I felt they were too intrusive!

While breastfeeding hurt like mad the first two weeks, once my nipples got hardened, it was smooth sailing since. Especially when I mastered how to latch the baby while lying down! Ahh sweet sleep… both the baby and I could get the feeding done even when we were both sleeping through it. I’m still nervous though about what it might be like once Miss Deng has teeth and starts chomping at them. 

I can’t say I enjoy breastfeeding! It’s a necessity to me. I think I would be so happy getting my body back from the baby… since right now I feel she owns it. I want to diet and get back to shape, but I’ve to eat well to feed her well and my schedule belongs to her hunger pangs. Just this afternoon I had my lunch and right afterwards she called out for her lunch. So I laid down to feed her and before long I was sleeping the afternoon away with her. How to lose weight?!

And yet the trade off is just so worth it. This is a minor sacrifice to set up a foundation of health for her future. So I just remember the rallying cry mothers must simply repeat to themselves, “The nights are long but the years are short.” 

I might one day just miss these days and wished I whined less and enjoyed it more!

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