The Mister away

So The Mister is out of the country for 2.5 weeks for work. Before he left, I jokingly asked him how he felt about having a holiday from home because he does A LOT at home. He spoils me dreadfully and I unashamedly accept it. I didn’t linger on the subject because I was mindful he was still going to be working while he was away but I was and still am a little envious that he gets to have a mental time off from caring for our baby, as cute as she is.

I love the little kid, no doubt. But I am feeling the strain of constantly having to keep a part of my brain ever vigilant and alert to the baby. Having to constantly be alert to her cries that would tell me she’s hungry, tired or upset. Constantly alert to react lightning quick if something untoward happened to her. If she was napping I had to be constantly alert and check up on her every 10 minutes or so that she was doing fine. And also constantly hoping she would have a solid sleep to give me some time to just do my thing.

I don’t miss The Mister as much this time round as compared to the first time he travelled out of the country. Partly because I knew he needed this break to refresh his heart, mind and soul.

A big part was that it’s a break FOR ME too!

My mom is around to help fill the gap and help take care of lil’ Miss Deng aka Baby C. And although I still have to alert and mindful about Baby C, I am more relaxed and I actually have more time to myself, especially when my mom takes her out for her walks and I can relax more deeply by myself. When The Mister is around, the three of us do more things together so there’s really less individual me-time overall. I am more than gleefully happy to let some grandmother-granddaughter bonding time take place.

It’s good for Baby C, good for grandma, good for me. It’s the best win-win situation.

So why no drawing since I’ve got more time on my hands? I’m too busy catching up on some Korean dramas, learning Chinese and just dumbing down here and there and I love it!


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