Hair in the foot literally

Yes, it’s ridiculously unbelievable but a small bit of hair got into my foot’s sole (because no way it’s ingrown hair, right?!) during the weekend. The Mister had to do a fair bit of work to get it out. When he did, it hit me hard that this was why I needed to be married.

Yes, because of this tiny hair that got stuck in my sole. Because how else would I have got it out by myself without him?!

But of course I’m joking. There’s loads of other reasons why I needed to be married. A lot of them surrounding how I’m not as capable of taking care of myself as I thought 🙄 Not everyone needs to be married, that’s darn certain.

And no worries, The Mister is doing an equally, if not even better job of taking care of Baby Coffee. What do I do in the family? I am a fantastic emotional support at the very least 😬

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