I was in the IT industry for about ten years when I finally decided it’s really not my thing. That was in 2014. I wasn’t quite sure what was my thing at that point though, so I figured it wouldn’t be a loss to follow the prompt in my spirit to enter into Bible college to do my Masters in Biblical Studies.

It turned out to be a really, really good decision.

I ended up getting married to a Mister Deng and being a good Missus can be considered as my thing.

A series of museum visits that included viewing works of Renoir, Picasso and even Antoine de Saint-Exupéry put this thought into me: they never talked about aspiring to be great artists. All of them talked about art being the expression of their lives, an autobiography of sorts. It was from that point I decided my own form of art will also be an autobiography of sorts. A documentation of life marriage has forged for the sake of our future progeny. So that one day, maybe when we’re grandmama and grandpapa, it might be the best keepsake to have and pass on to.


And for whatever reason, I’m contactable at missusdeng@gmail.com


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