Measured spontaneity

Spontaneity is more measured after the baby, i.e. weight gain. An oxymoron I’m sure but by exhausted parenthood standards, it’s as close to spontaneity as we will get!

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I’m no pushover

That’s right Baby Deng. Don’t let anyone bully you ever. 💪🏻

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I’m pre-fat 

When we first got married, The Mister was in the midst of preparing for his second Masters, which required a stronger grasp of English language than he felt he was capable of. He was nervous but I pointed out to him that his English proficiency was actually quite high considering the fact he only began to learn the language for just two years. 

His grasp on English was so good, I often forgot that I wasn’t speaking to a native English speaker. His only shortcoming then was the extent of his vocabulary, which would build up over time anyway. 

In fact, I assured him, his lack of vocabulary was God’s blessing for me. 

He asked why. 

Because even with limited vocabulary he could already nag or out-talk me. When his English vocabulary improved, I wouldn’t stand a chance and be overcome by him too easily then!

Look at him now with his clever play of words 🙄

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Taking better pictures


We have hundreds, perhaps closing to a thousand, pictures and videos of Baby C. We managed to do that because our phones have been kept within arm’s reach to take quick snaps whenever she does something cute, interesting and geram-worthy. Can’t think of a word in English or Chinese to translate that Malay word. It means Baby C is just so cute it makes you want to pinch or bite her or squeeze her to death kind of feeling.

Then it finally occurred to me these pictures might just be disappointingly low quality and in the years to come we might regret (we’re already regretting slightly) not taking better pictures of our pretty little baby when we have a pretty darn good camera to!

But well, with my lack of expertise in photography and over-cautiousness to play with The Mister’s expensive and bulky camera, I had resisted using it. I finally got The Mister to teach me the basics, i.e. changing the lens, focusing before taking shots and downloading the pictures, I’m now going to be more proactive with it (hopefully).

Be patient with my pictures and feel free to give me a tip or two!

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Did she?

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My timid mouse

Ladies and gentlemen.

My daughter.


I hope we can one day describe her as a lion heart but at the moment she seems to be a bit of a timid mouse. It’s going to be a battle of nature vs nurture I think! She has been scared awake by all sorts of sounds. Sometimes I sneeze while I’m nursing her and her lips start quivering and I have to convince her not to cry 🙄

When you spend time with her, you will never, ever, mistake her for a boy. She’s just 100% girly girl. Her gurgles, whines, laugh are very girly. Her eyes are soft and gentle. She may have some timidity in her but she is definitely not cowardly. She just has this wonderful tender and sensitive heart that shines through her eyes.

So ladies and gentlemen, my daughter. ❤️

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The pain of a night owl

Before Baby C arrived, I was dreamily hoping she would take after me in looks and take after her father in character; steadfast, strong, well grounded and more. I have a lot of respect for The Mister.

I cringed a little when she arrived and seemed to take after my character instead; particularly being an emotional crybaby. The Mister says she cries just like me. Oh no. The Mister had his hands full during the occasions both the baby and I cried at the same time!

But as the months went by, Baby C really started to look like me! My baby pictures proves it! And unfortunately, she started to take after her father as an early riser. Since he’s an early riser, he has wonderfully took on the morning duties and left me to sleep in. But since he’s been away, I’ve to take on the morning duties and wow. It’s been such a paradigm shift for me. 

Parenthood. Everything that’s been said about it is true. Sigh.

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