Mommy fashion

Breastfeeding (and a bloated postpartum body) has limited my public fashion sense these days. It needs to be easy to feed Miss Deng and it needs to avoid making me feel self-conscious about my body. So this outfit happens to be the ONLY outfit that fits the bill and it’s all I want to wear (except on the days when I think ironing the outer layer shirt is too troublesome). 

So I tried to “mix it up” a bit on a day I was rushing by not buttoning it! Hoo haah! Revolutionary wasn’t it? 😒 It was a good thing The Mister shut it down quickly enough. 

His profession has moulded him to be more conscientious about carrying oneself properly before other people but he’s still working hard to help me step into my role as a pastor’s wife. On most days, I do feel I’m closer to being a gangster than being the stereotypical pastor’s wife. The former is so much easier, being the passive aggressive rebel that I am, than being the latter. Thankfully all I have to deal with, for now, in this new identity is the way I dress because he’s a Chinese pastor and my grasp of the Chinese language isn’t fantastic. I can conveniently side step engaging with people’s expectations over a pastor’s wife, for now. 

I’m thankful all I need to do, for now, is to dress according to what he thinks is proper! Being a Mommy and breastfeeding makes it really easy for me to do this too since there’s no reason at all for me to dress up and look hot (hotter than I already am in The Mister’s eyes anyway 😄). 

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Being responsible 

Remember, don’t drink and drive!

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Post-partum gas 2

 Mister Deng’s reflexes are now automatically attuned to my post-partum gas! I could just say flatulence. Or fart. But post-partum gas sounds more classy and much less embarrassing. My husband’s a survivor, that much I can say!

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Post-partum gas

So post-partum gas is really a thing for some people! It definitely was for me and my poor husband and baby had to bear with it for awhile. I won’t go through the details but even I couldn’t bear with it from time to time. But for the most part of it, I didn’t care less where and when I released it because I felt being pregnant for 9 months and going through the hard work of giving birth entitled me to some freedom to pass some gas! 

One day, Miss Deng, you’ll understand. 

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Pooing wild and free

We were out at Botanical Gardens enjoying nature. It was Coffee’s first time to see so much trees surrounding her too. She was so fascinated, she stayed awake for 5 whole minutes before falling asleep. 

When she woke up from her nap she made a big poo IN her diapers. And while English is my first language I do get lapses with my sentences and grammar. I meant to ask her how she enjoyed her first poo in the beautiful lush park. I don’t even know if “how did you like pooing in the nature” is the best sentence to come up with.

“How did you like pooing in the natural?”

“How did you like pooing amongst nature?”


Anyway, the suspicious look the park employee gave told me he half believed I would release my baby from her diaper to run wild and poo indiscriminately in the park. He kept his eye on us for the next 50m he walked.

If you happen to read this sir, no. I wouldn’t like my baby to poo in the nature.

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Pregnancy weight gains

It’s funny how I felt slim and fit while I was pregnant and now the baby is out I feel fatter than when I was pregnant. I don’t know why I used to hear you would lose weight when you breastfeed your baby. I don’t find that true in the least because I need to eat well for the kid. 

I find it comforting The Mister shares the similar roundness to me. I imagine I would feel slightly resentful and envious if he was fit and dashing while I’m round everywhere. And the reason why he’s been putting on weight is really because of my pregnancy. He was cooking up a storm during my first trimester but because of my morning sickness I wouldn’t eat much. He ended up eating triple his usual amount to avoid wasting food. He learnt to cook less but was still eating more than his usual portion to finish up what I didn’t eat. 

While we were having our supper earlier, he said, “I’ve forgotten what hunger feels like since I married you.” 


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Greatest blessings

There. Right there. 

My life’s greatest blessings. ❤️ 

Happy two months old my sweet little girl. May you grow up in the profound security of the knowledge that you are deeply loved. 

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